The Power of Creation

The new project of Uzbek developers «Uzbekneftgaz 360» presents a virtual tour through the country by a help of the panoramic photographs with a genuinely immersive 360 digree viewing.

Мобил иловани юклаб олиш
Panoramic photographs can be seen either in an ordinary mode at Smartphones and touch pad or Virtual reality mode with a help of eye-glasses for virtual reality.

The virtual tour through the country with a total immersion of 360 digree viewing.

The application «Uzbekneftegaz360» has been launched for the Independence Day of Country. His emerging at play markets of Apple and Google within the framework of the project NHC «Power of Creation: Contemporary history of Uzbekistan oil and gas industry». During the course of project, collector’s edition was published, outlining about country’s achievements in oil and gas industry, as well as innovated mobile application.

Puzzle of modern Uzbekistan

In the application, there are 100 panoramic photographs of objects about NHC Uzbekneftgaz.

Besides viewing of productions and oil-processing, user can be familiar with social infrastructure, city landscapes, social, culture, and sport buildings, built within 25 years of Independency.

Photos, taken by modern photos and video-cameras, designed especially for shooting photos of 360 degree views

«The participation effect» has allowed accelerating to update conception of panoramic photographs. Material can be seen on the mode of Smartphone and tough pads as well as on the mode a help of eye-glasses for virtual reality.

The application «Uzbekneftegaz360» is available for downloading AppStore и PlayMarket